Scarborough anniversary session with Audra and Matt


Local photographer, fun friend, wedding client (happy 3rd this month!) and Roots workshop participant, Audra emailed me a few days before their session promising LL Bean outfits from head to toe (she's a fan, and even works there now) and she kept her word.  She and Matt looked all snuggly in their fall duds and we headed out for a walk at the Scarborough Marsh with their pups, Minion and Hotshot.  I was warned not to pet Minion, as cute as she may seem, or I might get a nip on the hand.  Somehow I resisted, even though she almost had me convinced it would be ok.

We came back to the house where I got to visit with the pigs and turkeys, and talk about all things farmy, as we just moved to a place with a barn and pasture that Audra and Matt had oddly walked though when they were looking for a house.  Small world here in Maine sometimes!  Thanks for having me you two, and come see my farm when the horses come home!

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