three sisters in Central Park


I am loving Central Park this time of year with its beautiful fall colors and warm weather. I made back-to-back trips there this weekend- Saturday for a run around the reservoir and to a local bagel hot spot and Sunday for a family portrait session. Stefanie is good friends with Kathryn (from another recent portrait session), and I met up with her and her husband, Reis, to photograph their three adorable daughters, Annabel, Grace and Olivia.

Annabel and Grace are two-year-old twins. They arrived to the park early and had fun running around with each other (and dad!) to burn off a little energy before their younger sister, Olivia, got there. The two of them were adorable prancing through the fall leaves, their hair adorned with ribbons. I wasn't sure that they would notice the arrival of Olivia and mom, but the twins' excitement doubled when they saw their little sister, calling out greetings from across the park.

It was great to meet your family! Would love to do it again soon!

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