emilie inc. office moves back to Portland


Three years ago this week (and very pregnant!), we moved into a new (to us) house in Cumberland Foreside, slept on air mattresses in the living room until our furniture arrived with a fire to keep warm, and dreamed big dreams of the stories that would unfold within the four walls.

Two incredible kiddos later, our dreams have been realized beyond belief. And our house, full of laughter and life, has also played host to a cozy office and meeting room greeting clients and the emilie inc. team, our extended family.

The home office, we decided from the start, would be closed on Fridays to give us the chance to, quite honestly, leave dirty dishes in the sink or stay in our pjs extra late, or have house guests or play dates, or whatever the case may be. There were so many perks to having the business in our home, but a few inconveniences, too, and this was how we tried to weave in a little bit of normalcy to our situation.

But as the children have grown, so, too has the toy collection and the messes and the volume. It's all such fun, but not exactly conducive to running a business in this shared space. So back in May, I began the hunt for an office space. I had no idea it would take seven months, but we have happily landed a most perfect new home for emilie inc. back in Portland (prior to our move to Cumberland Foreside, we had a space in town for a few years starting in 2008).

Located on Commercial Street in the Old Port on the backside of the Nine Stones Spa and In'finiti Fermentation and Distillation building (formerly Macomber Inc. and literally ON the water!) everyone pitched in to help us move earlier this week. We will be sure to share a few images of the completed space after the weekend when we'll be a bit more settled! Please feel free to stop by and say hello, or snag a fresh lobster or two for dinner on your way out from Dickie, the lobsterman whose boat sits just outside our entrance. Seriously.

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