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Would you like to meet one of the friendliest, most down-to earth event planners ever?! If you haven't yet crossed paths, please e-meet Kate Martin, owner of Beautiful Days. With her incredibly open and charismatic personality, you feel like you've known her forever after just 10 minutes of meeting her (or at least that's exactly how I felt!). I invited Kate to visit with us to chat about what's been keeping her so busy.

First and foremost, if you haven't yet, you MUST check out Kate's new website that she launched last week to celebrate Beautiful Days' 10th anniversary. It's filled with beautiful weddings, flowers, lighting, decor and so much more. Wow, congrats Kate! And don't forget to check out her event rental site as well, Maine Prop House.

Beautiful Days wrapped up an exciting 2013 season of events and weddings that left Kate and her team feeling satisfied, successful, happy, hungry for next season and exhausted. It wouldn't be the end of event season without being a little tired, right?! A little time to catch her breath and Kate is back to running full force gearing up for a big 2014.

It's been a pleasure working with Kate over the years, especially on a few stand-out weddings from this past season. Ali and Jason's summer wedding in Cape Neddick and Sarah and Drew's fall wedding at the Newagen Seaside Inn were both fabulously designed, planned and managed by Kate and her team. She also did a stunning job with the design and flowers at Alex and Schuyler's grand Lake Winnipesaukee boathouse wedding. We had the pleasure of spending a summer day with Kate and her family for a fun, outdoor family portrait session where Kate, her husband Daytes and their son Wyatt let loose and enjoyed the sunshine and each other. It was a wonderful day with a loving family that won't soon be forgotten.

Want to learn a little bit more?

Role on a daily basis: Owner, manager, creative director, lead flower and decor designer

Favorite food: Anything that comes from my garden and is raised, grown and produced organically  in Maine

Phrase she loves to say: “There’s no option not to be fantastic” and using "fabulous" for just about anything

Biggest passion: My son, gardening, my work

Latest obsession: I'm not sure if  am actually obsessed with anything - obsession sounds a bit manic and I try to stay away from that ;)

Largest achievement: My son and my business, although with both the achievements and earmarks for success are always changing and never ending

If you could do anything or go anywhere what/where would it be?: If I could do anything it would be to run courses in local schools to teach kids how to garden, where our food comes from, how good food can be easily grown in our backyards, how to cook and how eating healthy, locally grown food can improve their health and well being and connectedness to their community. I would travel to Italy, France, Spain and Greece exploring farms, local cooking, home gardens....but I do have a fantasy that my son (who of course will be smart enough to be anything) chooses to be a surfer and bass guitar player and he and his band travel the world playing at surf spots and I am their cook and manager ;)

Where you spend most of your time online: I don’t really have any favorites but I do a lot of exploring - anything that offers some beauty and inspiration but I do check the Daily Beast everyday for keeping up with the world. 

Best tip you ever received: You can be as creative as you want to be but if you can’t run a business you won’t succeed

Education: Study abroad Florence, Italy studio art, photography and photography internship (I spoke little Italian, he spoke little English - it was brilliant!), University of Wisconsin Madison, Political  science and blender drinks, University of Berkeley extension in San Francisco Interior Design, two Nantucket summers in a kitchen with two insane yet brilliant chefs, my introduction and early education to music that matters when I was 18 exploring the amazing record collection of a family I was babysitting - Allman brothers, Mississippi John Hurt, Aretha Franklin, Little Feat, Otis reading - my whole music world opened up from there!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Kate! Looking forward to this year's collaborations!

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