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Many of our couples live out of town and only come back east a few times to take care of their wedding planning before the big day. I love when we're able to carve out some time to say hello on one of these visits at the emilie inc. office or at a coffee shop.  If an engagement session isn’t the cards for you, this is often the only time we'll have the chance to sit down and talk specifics before the actual nuptials.   

One of the most important things we'll cover at this meeting is your wedding day timeline. Sometimes when we meet it might be too early to know everything that will happen on your wedding day and how it will unfold, but taking the time to plan a schedule is definitely recommended to keep you stress-free.  I usually ask lots of questions about how the couple sees the wedding day going, so I can make recommendations for your timeline for you, your venue and/or your planner to consider. 

emilie inc. photographers are booked for eight consecutive hours, so I usually tell folks, think about when you are starting your day (typically the hair and makeup for the bridesmaids and bride(s) is the first thing to happen) and then think about when you are ending your day (is there a noise ordinance at your venue or do you have to be done with the reception at a certain time?).  From there, it is a sliding scale to figure out what eight hours I should be booked for as your photographer.  You might realize that you really want me there for more of prep, so an extra hour of coverage can be easily added to make sure I get that as well as, say, your grand exit at the end of the night.

My biggest piece of advice for couples when figuring out their wedding day timeline is accounting for transitions.  Those minutes between – say, your mom’s house where you prepped and the ceremony location, or maybe the church and reception – all add up and could leave you feeling like you’re behind schedule.  If you can build in a few realistic minutes for those transitions and account for them in your timeline, you will flow through the day with a bit more ease. 

Two other things to keep in mind are tides and sunset times.  I see my fair share of coastal New England weddings and always check the times for these and how they may affect your ceremony or portraits on your wedding day.  In the northeast, our tides change about every 6-8 hours and the sun sets quicker as the calendar year progresses.
We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out at any point during the planning process!  

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