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There are many things I miss about my newspaper days: the unknown of each new assignment, the forming of fast friendships while photographing new subjects, the pressure to meet deadlines, the travel, rubbing elbows with celebrities and the most obvious, covering major news. Missing the camaraderie of the newsroom is the answer I hear most when talking to other former photojournalists or photo editors who are now freelancers or who have started their own business when we reminisce about the days gone by.

Do I miss those conversations around a light table or in the film developing room (what's that, right?)? Absolutely! But I truly feel like I found the best of both worlds when I added associate photographers to the emilie inc. line-up in 2008. Our current team has been together for several years and I adore each of them like family. We make the time to come together for weekly meetings and monthly critique sessions to keep connected and keep learning. We attend workshops, take on editorial and charity projects, shoot together and shoot the breeze. But most importantly, we are there for one another. And that's incredibly awesome.

Whitney, Denise, Steve, Megan, J, Alina and Nicole: y'all rock (thanks for the cute pic tonight, Whit!)!

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