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Photographer Chase Jarvis said that the best camera is the one you have with you. So true.

When I'm toting kiddos, their gear, and maybe the dog, slinging a camera on my shoulder may or may not happen as often as I wish it did (my Happy Sunday feature is a direct effort at changing this). I always have my iPhone tucked in my back pocket, however (and actually wondered if designers are making back pockets more roomy these days with the popularity of this spot, Googled it, and voila! This article popped up), a godsend, because sweet little moments happen everywhere and it's a piece of cake to whip my phone out (like a Wild West fast draw!).

Great. So I have all sorts of iPhone pictures of my life which I sometimes post to Instagram (my favorite social media app by a mile. I'm photoemilie. It's a private account, so if I don't know you, apologies, but I don't want you seeing these personal pics) or send in a quick text to the hubby or the grandparents.

I used to have phone and IG prints made from PostalPix, but wasn't impressed with the quality (they are cell phone pics, after all) and without a printed date on them, I drove myself mad trying to sort them chronologically into the 4x6 Kolo albums I use for my (pro-camera) family pics. In fact, all of my family images from 2012 are still sitting on our dining room sideboard waiting to be filed. I haven't even bothered to order our 2013 family images yet because I knew there had to be a better solution.

For me, it was realizing that iPhone pictures and the pictures I take with my pro camera don't need to live in the same place. Artifact Uprising, a Colorado based paper goods company, has a piece-of-cake application for having 5x5 (or 8x8) 30-page books made of your IG pics (and a host of other non-smart phone pro product options). One night, I went through the past two years of IG pics and designed 11 books in about two hours. I used their desktop album builder, but you can do this right on your phone as well. Just yesterday AU announced that dates and captions can be included from their mobile app, too- huge!

A week after placing my order these little beauties arrived! Finally, images aren't just living on my phone or in a box on my dining room table, but in a format that we can easily browse. I'd call that a success!

What do you do with the pictures you snap with your phone?

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