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So much planning goes into your wedding day and much of it revolves around seating charts, flower arrangements, and other details of your reception.  It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that your ceremony is what the day is really all about.  Most couples tie the knot rather quickly these days, with many ceremonies lasting under 20 minutes.  Keeping it short and sweet can certainly be the way to go, but here are a few tips to help ensure this part of your day gets its due.

First, think about the seating for your friends and family as they watch the I Do's.  For outdoor ceremonies, try to keep them from having to squint by facing their chairs at an angle away from direct sunlight.  The other bonus to this is that you won't be backlit, which can be unflattering for photos.

This second one is for those of you taking the seemingly endless walk down the aisle towards your beloved.  Try to take your time when making that trip with your father or whomever will be escorting you.  It can be nerve wracking, we know, to have all eyes on you for what may seem like an eternity.  But this is a great time to really be in the moment and enjoy the anticipation of what you are about to do.  Take it from me, my family refers to my walk down the aisle as "The Green Mile" because it was an amazingly long walk down a grassy hill with my father.  I still remember us cracking up at how silly it seemed, and it's a special memory for this past bride.

And lastly, if things don't go as planned (i.e. microphones that don't work, an officiant who forgets a few words, babies crying at just the wrong moment) try to go with the flow and see the humor in it.  As a guest at our friends' Tim and Sarah's wedding last summer (shot by Megan) it was scary to watch a looming storm cloud finally sweep over us and start raining down on everyone right in the middle of the ceremony.  But those two just rolled with it and finished the ceremony inside. We all cozied up together and watched them make it official with tears in our eyes.

Just a few things to keep in mind when planning your ceremony that I hope will be helpful!

(These two light up a room! Check out more from their outdoor Cambridge wedding and reception)

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