prepping for prep photos


I love beginning wedding day coverage by photographing preparations. It's a great time for me to say hello and for you to get used to the camera. With all of the excitement and anticipation in the air, it is also a great time for images.

We typically prefer to start photographing about two hours before your ceremony. Similar to much of your wedding day, we like to adopt a fly-on-the-wall approach to documenting these pre-wedding memories but there are certain things you can do to help.

For instance, we love using natural light whenever possible, so try to select a bright and clutter-free room to get ready in. We'll take photos of your wedding attire during this time so it's helpful if you can lay these items out ahead of time (i.e. hang dresses and suits on nice hangers--not plastic ones--and leave any shoes/ties/pocket squares you want photographed accessible). If you are having your hair and make up done, be sure to request that you go last so we can try to document some of this.

As for the social aspect, some people like to get ready in a loud, bustling room of friends and family while others prefer a solitary and calm experience. It is personal preference, though I recommend having at least one or two close friends or family members nearby as there are often sweet emotional moments to capture. Plus, you very well may need help buttoning that dress or tying that tie.

(See more from this emotional backyard wedding above here)

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