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Hi there! I'm Alina, and I've been the graphic designer for emilie inc. since 2011. This is my first time writing a blog post here and I thought the best first topic would be the most obvious one: album design!

I believe the most important thing you will spend money on for your wedding are the photographs (and Emilie didn't tell me to say that). As years pass, they greatly increase in value to you and your family. They are cherished memories and like every great love story, yours deserves to be told in a gorgeous, easily accessible way that can stand the test of time. A custom designed Queensberry wedding album is the best way to preserve and share your images. And I just love working with emilie inc. couples to design them!

The process begins with the creation of a favorites folder in your online image gallery of 100-200 of your all-time favorite images. Giving me a lot of options to choose from, knowing that they might not all make it in, however, to ensure a beautiful and simple design. I recommend choosing images that document the day from beginning to end. Including important people, special moments, scene setting images and also some decor details will help the design flow in an interesting way, and showcase some of the special little things that made your wedding unique. I typically assist with image suggestions as well, once the design begins to take shape.

The Queensberry album style that we see couples typically ordering is their Duo Album. The Duo is a mix of matted, full-bleed and flush mount pages. Combining classic beauty and contemporary design for infinite possibilities!

Once I download all of your favorite images, I like to look them over a few times, getting a feel for what the wedding day was like and sometimes feeling like I might have even been a part of the event myself! Then using a professional software design program, I start to lay out the pages letting the images inspire me to create designs for each major section of the day: the preparations, first look, ceremony, formals, dinner, reception etc. I try to balance a variety of large sweeping image layouts mixed with fun, multiple image layouts, always keeping in mind that there are 30 pages to work with. Sometimes I will even take a peek over at Queensberry’s Pinterest page for some inspiration.

Another great feature of the Duo album is that you can create flip-open pages. So, if there are parts of the story that would benefit from a little element of surprise, I like to add at least one or two of these hidden treasures in as well.

For cover options we suggest using the classic leather material and you can select a color choice to best match the wedding, unless you have one in mind already. You can also choose to add an image and/or title on the cover or I can make suggestions here as well.

I can't even imagine what it was like before the digital age to build and edit an custom album like these! With Queensberry the proofing process is easy. When the design is ready, the layouts are exported to our very own proofing site. I will then send a quick email to let you know the album is ready with a link giving you access to both view and leave feedback for me on each individual layout. With a little collaboration and back and forth, soon enough we have a lovely design approved, a very happy couple, with a great album on its way!

Below is an an example of what a digital album proof looks like from a wedding at the Newagen Seaside Inn including a few of those surprise flip-out pages.

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  1. Just beautiful work Alina. Saw the hard copy in the studio the other day, heirloom quality.


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