want to have a fun, fabulous reception?


Your reception is typically the part of your wedding day that gets the most attention.  There are seemingly endless decisions to make when planning a celebration for your family and friends, so here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Choose that band or DJ wisely, because when it's a mismatch it can be...awkward.  These vendors are not only supplying tunes for your dancing pleasure, they also serve as a sort of emcee for your reception.  You want to feel comfortable that whoever you choose knows how to keep things on track and work with you (and perhaps a planner) to create the vibe you'd like.  I've seen DJ's/band leaders who say the bare minimum and stay in the background, and those who say, well, a lot.  Some couples like that energy and some prefer less intrusion.  I've also seen perfect pairings where the musicians are professionals at reading a room and keep everyone dancing their pants off until the last possible minute.

Another tip, eat!  It is so easy to get caught up in the fun and find yourself making the rounds during dinner to visit all the people you care so much about.  Just try to keep it short and sweet so that you and your love can get back to your seats and enjoy the meal that you likely put a fair amount of planning into.  Plus, you need to fortify for the sipping and shaking to come.

Lastly, try not to rush through any planned dances on the agenda.  Whether it's your first dance or dances with parents, give them the time they deserve.  It can feel strange to be waltzing around in front of so many people, the center of attention, and some couples are self-conscious.  Some will invite everyone to come up and dance with them to alleviate this feeling, which is a nice sentiment, but try to at least wait until the end of the song.  You only get to do these things once!

Just a few thoughts to ponder!

(photo from a rockin' fun party at the John Peters Estate in Blue Hill, Maine)

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