one day old baby Hazel


I was weepy on the drive down, weepy walking into the hospital and weepy when I saw my dear friend cradling her daughter in her hospital room. What a journey it was, from the very first "OMG I think I'm pregnant!" text to the news that sweet Hazel arrived, I couldn't get to that hospital fast enough to wrap my arms around this little being that I already love so much.

It's crazy, this having kids club. Our lives, bodies, emotions, perceptions- everything changes. I feel like my life didn't really begin until I became a mom, and I marvel when other people have the opportunity to learn just what on earth I actually mean when I say that. Whitney and AK were made to be parents and are totally on board with this sentiment now.

Meet sweet Hazel. The world is a better place now that she's safely here. Enormously proud of mama and papa (huggy) bear. I can't wait to watch this little lady grow up. xoxo

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