5th wedding anniversary


1825 days ago J and I said our vows with our toes in the sand of Hawksnest Beach on the incredible island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. We're ever-grateful to California's talented Jules and Joy Bianchi who joined us to capture the festivities and allow us the easy transport back to that day today through their gorgeous images.

It's been a good run, these past five years, I'd say. We've traveled a ton, sold my house and bought a house together, moved the studio into the house and then out of the house again, had a baby, then another, J left a job and started his own company. We've learned, we've laughed and we've loved along the way.

Marriage is wonderful and it is hard, no? It takes practice and patience. I find comfort and safety in J; he's the ying to my yang and even when it's tough, it works. He gets me. And I'm all the luckier for it. He's an incredible father and truly, the apple of my eye.

Way back when, I blogged all about the process of planning our wedding. I just lol'ed, covered my eyes, and shed a little tear re-reading it all this morning. I invite you to indulge, if you're so inclined, via this thread. Some of the highlight reads are listed below.

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cover model
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Love you, J!! Crazy how far we've come! Looking forward to getting back there with the kids in December (surprise!! Happy anniversary!)!! xo

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