emilie inc. website redesign: more is more


Last summer I sat down with a former director of photography at Getty Images who told me how much she loved our work, but how much she disliked having to dig through our website to find pictures. Her comment stuck with me, and we spent the better part of the year studying how online visitors use websites these days. Initial impact isn't enough. Wedding websites are used for both information and inspiration. This editor wanted to see more. Prospective clients often asked us to see more. Ironically, the photography industry tends to preach "less is more! Only put your best work out there!" which I get- to a point. Clearly we're not about to showcase our "outtakes" per say, but prospective clients want to get a sense of what their wedding images will look like, what they can expect, if they can picture themselves in our work. So we're bucking the trend and showing more, like more than 100 galleries more, in an organized Pinterest-style scrolling format so you won't have to click through more than what catches your eye to choose to view larger. As in, your whole screen larger. We're pretty excited and very grateful to the team at Tide Creative for their hard work and to Sitedity for the incredible platform.

The experience starts on the homepage with access to featured galleries as well as all of our information pages on the left side. Rollover a title and an image from the event appears.

Click to view the gallery and scroll through an entire event in seconds. Click on individual images to see them larger, and use the arrows to go forward/backward or return to the overview. Pin as you please!

Head back to the homepage, rollover the information drop-down and choose an option. You'll find the images on our information pages are linked to a full wedding gallery, so go ahead and take a peek if you like what you see there, too.

You'll find all of us under the team tab. Hovering on our faces pops up a few little fun facts and an invitation to click through to learn more about each person.

This is an example of a bio page. Here, you see a peek at each photographer's work- or Alina's design portfolio- with images linked to galleries, and a brief biography.

When you click on the "view galleries" button within each bio, you'll be taken to just that particular person's work (as opposed to the galleries tab in the navigation menu fixed at the top of the website, which channels everyone work- but is marked as such).

We have also included a section for portraits and our photo booth under the information tab- both were sites independent of emilie inc. previously. Now everything lives at the same address.

Finally, you'll find our contact form which gives you the chance to gaze at our view and reach out to come see us, and it, for yourself. When you fill out the contact form, you'll receive our 14-page studio overview PDF, an incredible resource that walks you through the experience of working with us that we're happy to share with you.

Given that one in every four visitors is viewing our site from a smart phone or tablet, we're thrilled with the site's ease and user experience on devices, too.

You like? Take a spin around and let us know what you think in the comments.Yahoo!


  1. Amazing website to celebrate and amazing photographer. I want to be shot !! Congratulations + Cheers Em !

  2. Love, love, love the new website looks amazing!! Everyone is so incredibly talented. Congrats on getting it launched. I could spend days looking at all the beautiful images...

  3. I think your new site is perfection! Way to go guys...


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