life is short, go to Disney


For Will's first Christmas, his Cincinnati cousins gave him a stuffed animal Piglet. A longtime fan of (classic) Winnie the Pooh (there is an actual Hundred Acre Woods in England and I've been!), I was delighted when he took so quickly to his new little friend, an instant security blanket.

Piglet is a daily fixture (and a popular guest on my personal Instagram feed), accompanying us everywhere and snuggled under Will's arm every night. When I was pregnant with Clara, Piglet was the fill-in for practicing what life as a big brother would be like... swaddling, feeding, buckling the carseat, going for walks in the stroller. When making decisions, we often ask Piglet for input and Will replies on his behalf: "he doesn't talk yet," like we say about little sister Clara. Will refers to him as his "best buddy" and once even threw him a birthday party (and again for about six times a day on repeat for a week or so). I blame Toy Story for the melty soft chocolate chip cookie mess I turn into watching Will with his 10" BFF. It's truly the "good stuff" of parenting.

This most recent Christmas night, once the kids were tucked in and with our hearts still exploding with joy, J and I spontaneously booked tickets to Disney for March (as did many others on the same holiday high, we gathered, as we watched flights selling out in between mouse clicks). We couldn't wait for Will to meet Piglet, and just like Disney promises, the moment was pure magic.

Disney is expensive. Our kids are young. We know. We aren't Mickey Mouseheads (is that a term?), but DisneyWorld is freakin' fun no matter your age and hey, life is short. We took Will when he was 14 months, so obviously we needed to take little Clara now, too, to be fair. :) Jumping on hotel beds, popsicles every day, character meals and meeting up with family were just a few of the highlights (message me if you plan to go with a toddler and/or a baby and I'll be happy to share more). Escaping the everyday for a little fantasy was so so good for all of us.

My hands were mostly full with a baby, a tired toddler, leftover lunch, a stroller handle, sunscreen, a dripping popsicle, a diaper bag and/or some combination of the above, but I fortunately did bring my "big" camera with one lens (35mm) on vacation, too. Can't get these images into a Pinhole Press book fast enough (fyi, use code MOMFAB for 25% off photo books ordered before 4/21)!


  1. Awwwww! Perfectly captured the true happiness of a disney vacation! Will and clara are just too adorable for words!

  2. I love these photos! We can't wait to take Ian in a couple of years :)

  3. Going on Saturday with my soon to be 12 year old! Can not wait! You just justified me bringing my big girl camera. totally worth it.

  4. I LOVE Disney and can't wait to go as a family. I've always wanted to see the Christmas spectacles and decorations. The photos of Will and Clara together are just so precious!

  5. I'm a huge Disney fan, and I loved looking at all of your photos. You guys had such a great time! I can't wait to go there with my kids some day!


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