Christa and Michael's rustic barn wedding in Buxton, Maine


Christa and Michael were married at The Barn at Flanagan Farm in Buxton.  A straight shot down Congress Street from the urban east end of Portland to the fields and forests of Buxton, Flanagan's is a favorite spot of mine in the greater Portland area.  In partnership with Maine Farmland Trust, the farm hosts an ongoing dinner series featuring a different Maine chef each month.  I have attended a couple, and emilie inc team members have photographed a few.

It's easy to understand why Christa and Mike chose this rustic, rural spot.  The incredibly warm and kind couple are true outdoors people, getting out and about to hike, camp, and rock climb whenever they get a chance.  Their April wedding day was ever so slightly wet, but the weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of this crowd.  In fact, Christa's smile completely lit up the day, and I think it's fair to say that smile runs in the family.

The evening culminated in an epic dance party, pretty sure the entire wedding hit the floor at one point.  And in true outdoors-men fashion, the night wound down by a crackling campfire, very similar to one Christa and Michael met around not so long ago...

Congratulations to you two!  It was an honor and a privilege, and a lot of fun! 

How they met, in their own words:

Christa originally hails from the sunny lands of Southern California. After 18 years she grew tired of the good life and decided to venture forth into the world. Her first foray brought her to the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she studied psychology and learned about the separatist state that is Northern California. Having learned their secrets, she returned to Los Angeles and UCLA to finish her degree. Yet, having not quite enough record stores, skinny jeans and fixie bikes, Christa returned to the North to live in San Francisco and work in education. Eventually she decided to test her weather tolerance and moved to Boston to pursue a masters degree in education policy from Harvard. She remained there and co-founded an organization that teaches parents about how interactions with their children during infancy can promote healthy brain development. Many winters later, Christa and Mike met through a shared love of rock climbing and camping.

Mike has basically pursued Christa one step behind for the last decade or so. After leaving his wintery home of Michigan at age 19, he also went to college at the University of California Santa Cruz. There he got a degree in molecular biology and learned the sacred ways of patchouli. Alas, he began at UCSC just three years after Christa had already left to return to sunny LA. Undaunted though, he decided to move to San Francisco for graduate school next, where he psychically felt Christa would be. His intuition was correct, but alas, the future lovers were not to meet. Except in a fleeting moment at Christa's going away party to Boston, when they may or may not have seen each other (it is unknown exactly from that fireworks-driven and boisterous evening). Nonetheless, Mike did not give up. Another three years later, after getting his PhD in cell biology, Mike moved to Boston to pursue post-doctoral research at Harvard. It was then that finally--and just barely--Mike was able to connect with Christa. They climbed rocks together, took trips and camped. And Mike knew he had finally caught her. 

photographers: Steve and Lindsay, emilie inc. photographyvenue: Barn at Flanagan Farmcaterer: Blue Elephantflorist: Emily Cartercake: Two Fat Cats Bakeryhair/make-up: Ariel Johnson bride: Jenny Yoogroom: Hugo Bosshoneymoon: Italy

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