Roots Workshop reentry


For the past few years my life has been busy balancing a growing business with a growing family. "Free time" doesn't exist and "me time" rarely applies. This week, however, I felt like I accomplished both, even tho I never really had the chance to catch my breath.

After a two-year hiatus, my other beloved baby, Roots Workshop, returned. Following a successful four year run on Cape Cod, this time we switched things up and moved the workshop to Maine, calling French's Point's Beach Rose Farm home base for the week. The gorgeous just-renovated inn (finished the day before we arrived!) was luxurious compared to our campy Cape Cod digs, but throughout the week it was the people who made the environment feel so familiar despite a new address.

Workshop alum Tyler Wirken, Jennifer Domenick, Rachel LaCour Niesen and Eric Laurits returned to lead what Rachel perfectly describes as magic camp. :) Students were given assignments from Bucksport to Belfast covering subjects such as the first female harbor master in the state, an 80 year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer, an alpaca farm where they make their own yarn on site, and more. Finding and researching assignments allows me to tap into my former photo editor days at the Washington Post, and is an inspiring way to learn about a community. We all fell in love with the region and didn't want to leave!

It's hard to imagine the metamorphosis that can happen in just a few days' time, photographically and personally, but it renders me speechless every time. It's hard work, long days and good food (I hope. I cooked!). On the closing night, Roots student (and emilie inc bride) Amanda explained to the group that she's never been so tired yet so awake. Yup. Agreed. 100%. That's exactly what Roots is at the core; it's about photography, sure, but is bigger than just that.

I am enormously proud of each and every one of those beautiful people pictured above and welcome them with open enthusiastic arms to our little community, the Roots family. I'll be sure to share their work on the blog just as soon as I unpack my car.


  1. I simply MUST attend this workshop!! Goal for 2015? Please let me know of the dates when it is all set up. Thanks, Emilie and crew.


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