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It's been three weeks since Roots Workshop wrapped. My heart and head have just begun to stop spinning from the experience, which is a wonderful problem to have.

The magic of Roots is that it is not just one week and then forgotten. It finds its way into the most obvious and the more discreet parts of my everyday- moments or meaning from the lessons shared- large or small- starting to make sense or be reinforced or practiced. An online community of support in our secret Facebook group has been an added bonus this year as an outlet to stay in touch and inspired, as this year's attendees spanned the country (with a little spillover into Canada).

Each person arrived to the workshop with a skillset already in place which was quickly assessed and then challenged by the instructors throughout the week, students pushed to see differently and try new things. Instruction is individualized, so the person who just started shooting sitting next to the person who has been shooting for more than 20 years each had much to take away.

After a day of group and team exercises, students were paired up with a person, place or business to photograph for two days in the Belfast, Maine area. Each student struggled and ultimately, each succeeded. It was messy and beautiful to witness such vulnerability. Below you will find the students' completed slideshows featuring their most prized images from the thousands of outtakes as they learned how to see a story and make- not take- pictures.

Big thanks to music sponsor SongFreedom for providing the royalty-free songs. 

By Pete Hammond of Denver
By Joe Wang of Rockville, Maryland
By Kathy Piper of Carthage, Tennessee
By Stephanie Goryl of Wakefield, Massachusetts
By Matthew (dag) D'Agostino of Cockeysville, Maryland:
By Tim Chin of Montreal, Canada
By Kate McElwee of Boston
By Amanda Albertian Smith of Milford, Massachusetts
By Lawrence Luk of San Francisco
Hooked? View more slideshows from past seasons on the Roots Workshop Vimeo channel here.

Will there be a Roots Workshop 2015, you might ask? Why, yes. Details coming soon. :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing these Emilie. What an amazing week! I cannot recommend this experience more highly to future students ... and I will be returning myself one day too :)


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