Abigail and Scott's elopement at Inn by the Sea


Abigail and Scott chose to get married at Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth because it's near Kettle Cove where they had their second date. On their first date, Scott got lost trying to find her, so compasses have always been a running theme in their relationship.  The large stone compass in the courtyard at the inn seemed to be the perfect spot for these two to make it official.  They are both originally from New England and wanted a small celebration with just their closest relatives (and dogs!).

All the best to you two as you navigate your lives as a married couple and living in a new state!

How they met, according to Abigail:

Scott and I met 9/6/2007 while he was working for Cianbro Corp managing a job at Seamass Transfer Station. I was working for OMC, LLC with wellness program vendor for Cianbro and I was there to meet with participants about their health related goals. I had to use his office for the day and between every participant he would come in and talk to me. At the end of the day, he ended up keeping me there to talk for over an hour after the end of the work day. Having worked for the company visiting construction sites for nearly two years, it was the first time ever that I gave someone met phone number. He called me within an hour of leaving the job site. Though I was only about 30-40 minutes from the job, he got lost trying to find me and didn't arrive until almost 9pm. We ended up discovering this quaint downtown area, which happened to be in a harbor where the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock were. We talked all night and it was so easy and sweet to be together. We didn't end up parting ways until it was almost time for him to be at work again. We talked on the phone and texted for hours. We saw each other again on 9/16/2007 where I showed him all my favorite coastal points in Southern Maine, which included Pine Point and Kettle Cove. We both love the ocean. We didn't see each other again until 3/28/2010 because he was transferred to West Virginia and I switched companies. We stayed in touch over the years via text message and some calls. I think we both knew there was no one else for us after we met the first time, but Scott just couldn't take the risk when he was traveling that things wouldn't work out. He stopped traveling in March 2010 and we never looked back. We've been living apart for 14 months because of our careers, but our relationship has never been stronger. I never thought we'd end up living in Western Kentucky, but we are each others home and that is all that matters. We chose to be married in Cape Elizabeth near Kettle Cove because not only is it beautiful, but is where we had our second date. We are both from New England and wish to share our marriage in an intimate ceremony with only our closest relatives. We are both private people and a big wedding just doesn't fit us. Being married in a beautiful place that we love and holds memories, alongside sharing it with with our closest family will make it a truly special day that defines us best as a couple. The Inn by the Sea is truly perfect...intimate, beautiful, serene, and so easy to work with! It seems so serendipitous that he got lost trying to find me that first night and bought a GPS because of it. We never lost each other, but when I moved to VA for work he intended to follow. I bought him a pewter heart shaped compass that says 'My Heart will always guide you home.' Just a couple months after my move, he received an unbelievable once in a lifetime employment opportunity that allowed him to take a huge vertical move in the chain of command as well as in salary. It took him to Kentucky. Our hearts always keep us close even in distance.

photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photographyvenue, caterer: Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, ME • officiant: Connie Mills, All in One Weddingsflorist: Fleur de Lis, South Portland • gown: David's Bridal

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