Portland wedding of Kate and Joe


Kate and Joe were married in Portland on one of the busiest weekends of the year, as the Old Port Fest went from being a one day affair to a full three days beginning in 2014.  It lent such a festive air to their entire day, and it almost felt like everyone was there to celebrate with them.  It also provided us the opportunity to ride a Ferris wheel during cocktail hour!  We were shuttling to various spots that these two visited on their first date, including the Maine State Pier, El Rayo, and the Regency Hotel courtyard, when we decided to stop and do some photos in front of the Ferris wheel.  Then we all decided it would be crazy to actually ride it too! We had forgotten money in the car, but happened to run into a friend of theirs who so graciously paid for our tickets to get on.  We did an abbreviated trip just once around, but it was worth it for the memory and the beautiful view.  Kate and Joe were literally throwing their heads back in laughter, arms in the air.

These two had huge smiles on their faces the entire day.  We headed back to Mariner's Church for their reception and they just partied like rock stars.  Joe had told me that he would play some music with his family, which I was looking forward to as a sweet little moment.  Little did I know that they would sound like true professionals.  The first few bars of the first song was all it took for me to realize that these guys were going to rip it up.  They played for most of the night and Joe was an amazing front man, singing his heart out as Kate danced and looked on, loving every minute.

I left that night with a big smile on my face too, stepping out into the nuttiness that is the Old Port Fest as it continued on in the streets.

Their wedding inspiration and how they met:

Originally, we were going to have our wedding in Key West, because that's where we got engaged and we loved the idea that you could have the ceremony, reception and lodging all within walking distance and in a funky seaside location. When we decided to look closer to home so that more family and friends could attend, we realized that Portland had all of the same things we were looking for in Key West (although we'd have to make it happen in summer!). We are both very active, especially with anything outdoors - hiking, biking, skiing, boating, running - so an outdoor ceremony seemed most appropriate. We also both love the ocean, so a waterfront location was an easy pick. The Eastern Prom was an obvious choice for these reasons, plus for Joe, the view from the Eastern Prom was what tipped the scales in his decision to move to Maine from his native Rhode Island.

Honestly, this wedding could just as easily have been at one of our favorite Maine ski areas, in winter, but we couldn't wait that long! We both love the mountains and the ocean, so either is a perfect backdrop.

We are also both fans of the Old Port, and, as residents of the peninsula, find ourselves often succumbing to the temptation to stroll downtown and have few beers, eat some great food, and top it off with some BOC, Bar Of Chocolate, our favorite dessert spot. That's why BOC is doing the cakes, and why the Old Port was a perfect setting for the reception. We're both in love with Portland, and want to spend our big day getting lost here!

We are both big music fans, and spend many weekends watching live shows or dancing in the living room to everything from AC/DC to Rihanna to the Beatles. So, we chose to take the music into our own hands for the wedding. Joe's family has played in bands of various forms since before Joe was born, so it was an easy choice to get a family band together; and Kate is a playlist master and avid music collector, so we had plenty to choose from to make the most kick-ass iPod playlist ever. Plus, we LOVE picking out the music! Yay!

We met through friends; Kate worked with a friend of Joe's. Things got off to a slow start - we went on a few "dates" spread out over a span of a few years. "Dates" because each time we spent time together (we found out later), one of us thought it was a date but the other didn't; it wasn't the same person each time, either! Then, one evening after dinner at El Rayo Cantina and going to see "Life Of Pi," (this time Kate thought it was a date, which Joe was surprised to learn) things turned romantic as we walked along Maine State Pier, and we haven't looked back.

photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photographypreparation: Westin Portland Harborviewceremony: Eastern Prom • officiant: friend • reception: Mariner's Church Banquet Center, Portland • hair: Knaughty Hair Salongown: Madeleine's Daughter, Portsmouth • honeymoon: Cancun

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