Prouts Neck Country Club wedding of Molly and Bryan

by Anonymous

Molly and Bryan's wedding was four years in the making.  She was just 18 when she was engaged and the two have been together for six.  They are the living embodiment of love, probably the wisest young love that I've witnessed.  The formative years they've been together have already tested their relationship, and Molly wrote on her wedding blog beautiful, heartfelt, words of wisdom that she has learned since she and Bryan found each other in the universe (as they would say!). 

The two planned wonderful seaside nuptials on Prouts Neck in Maine where Molly spent her childhood summers. Her garter was made from her mother's wedding dress and the necklace she wore (that was transported cross-country) has been worn by almost all the women in her family.  Molly and Bryan are self-proclaimed nerds and science geeks, so fittingly Bryan donned a bow tie with a chemistry beaker pattern.  He gifted her a heart of petrified sand that had been struck by lightening.  She gifted him a GoPro camera for swimming with dolphins on their Bermuda honeymoon and to add to his his gear-set as a budding photography hobbyist.  Their first look was at Cannon Rock, a place of inspiration for Winslow Homer.  Molly has a lot of family history on Prouts and was able to be yet another woman in her family to marry in St. James Church.  The bride and groom were trotted between locales via horse and buggy (and I was lucky enough to be able to join!).  After beach photos near one of her family homes, the reception got underway at the Prouts Neck Country Club. 

The summer solstice couldn't have been a more beautiful day with Molly and Bryan's wedding, capped with a gorgeous fire-hued sunset, the dearest friends and family, and fabulous dancing that was often accompanied by everyone singing along to the wide variety of genres played.  Four years to the date of the "infamous cat bite" that started it all (Molly wrote about this on their wedding blog - one of her cat's bit her, resulting in a hospital stay and quite the health scare that prompted Bryan to consider his future), these two soul mates were finally married -- and, frankly, it was awesome to witness this and be a part of their day!

Molly and Bryan, I hope you are had a blast in Bermuda (I want to see the GoPro footage with the dolphins)!  It was such a pleasure meeting all your friends and family, folks that I know are near and dear to your heart.  Thank you so much for allowing me to document your big day.  I wish you all the best, and please say hello the next time you're visiting Prouts!

How they met, in Molly's words:

Six years ago, Bryan stumbled upon a mutual friend's prom photo of me and several other friends. He asked the friend who I was and she decided to set us up for a date. So on a rainy May 16th, it began. We ate pizza, watched movies (as high school students typically do), and shared a very sweet first kiss. We immediately noticed and loved each other's smile and laugh. We laughed the entire time. The feelings were instant, a semi-textbook high school love story with some added twists. The morning after the first date, we met for breakfast in downtown Portsmouth. He held my hand the entire time and we split the most massive blueberry pancakes ever flipped with seemingly gallon-like portions of maple syrup and thick pads of butter. The rest is history. He was my date for senior prom, cheered me on when I graduated high school, I rooted him on when he got his first internships, we took trips, shared wonderful moments with family. We both attended the University of New Hampshire; he majored in applied math with computer science and I majored in biomedical science specializing in pre-veterinary medicine. We are animal lovers/unofficial rescuers and proud nerds, who love to teach one another and grow in our knowledge together. It has never nor will ever be easy, but we support each other through it all; every triumph and trying time. Everything led up to the cat bite of June 21, 2010. I was bitten on my wrist, deeply, landing me in the hospital for 2 weeks with six doctors. It was the catalyst that forced Bryan to consider the future, in which, he chose me :). After experiencing the copious amounts of love and support from him throughout the injury, I started thinking about how much I wanted him to be a part of my future. Two weeks later, we were engaged. After having asked my father's permission a few days prior, he proposed on a bright and sunny July 17th on the chondola at Sunday River. I was only 17, he was 19. Though many were skeptics at first, it was soon realized that Bry and I were not as naive as we appeared. We were willing to struggle, to learn one another; we knew it took hardship to make something beautiful and real. Real love isn't about being constantly happy, we've learned that lesson many times. But he's my guy and I'm his girl. We will always be the best of friends, nerds together, facing all the world has to offer. We've laughed, accomplished, failed, fought, cried (mostly I did that), lost, won, learned, grew, and loved through it all. Every day is a new adventure. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life exploring with my best friend!
As for the wedding, I mentioned down below that Prouts is a very special location to the two of us. This wedding has been 4 years in the making. All we are doing, exactly 4 years to the day of the cat bite catalyst, is making what we already know to be true, official.

  photographer: Whitney, emilie inc. photographyphoto booth: Maine Snapshot Studio, emilie inc. photography • ceremony: St. James Church, Prouts Neck, Maine • reception: Prouts Neck Country Club, Prouts Neck, Maine • coordinator: Leslie Barbini, The Wedding Bellecaterer: Portsmouth Catering Companyflowers: Flower Kiosk, Portsmouth • music: Joey Dion, Main Event Entertainmentcake: Beach Pea Bakery, Kittery • videography: Meg and Dave, Meg Simone Wedding Filmsmake-up: Jeremy Sullivan • hair: Tyler Sinclair, Salonistatent: Sperry Tents Seacoasttransportation: Carousel Horse Farm, Casco • gown: Madeleine's Daughtermaids: Dessy • guys: Brooks Brothers • paper: Gus & Ruby Letterpresshoneymoon: Bermuda

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