baby Atlas at Laudholm Farm

by Anonymous

I was so excited to meet little Atlas, just shy of 11 months old.  Almost two years ago, I photographed the lovely little wedding of his parents, Kairsten and Mark, along the river in Kennebunkport.  Still living in Seattle, they flew in for a week of vacation and family fun.  Kairsten's parents live on the road to Laudholm Farm, so it seemed only appropriate that we head there for some photos of the little man.  Kairsten and Mark said Atlas is a shy guy, and while he did have his moments, he was actually kind of a ham for the camera -- of course, when he wasn't busy gnawing on books or his fingers.  Yep, it's that stage! 

I love when couples keep in touch and have me continue to document their lives for other big events after their wedding day and as their families grow.  It's a pretty cool thing to witness.  Can't wait to see Atlas the next time - walkin' and talkin'!

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