Erin and Mike's Warren Center wedding in Ashland, Massachusetts


Erin and Mike (the brother of beloved bride Amanda) came to visit me in Portland. Their ginormous and amazingly affectionate lab Maverick made himself right at home as we paged through albums together and chatted about their relationship. When it came time to talk about the wedding, we all laughed because there wasn't much to say: I already loved them from having worked with Mike's family before, and they already knew what to expect. That, and we all giggled about how far apart they were sitting on the couch from each other.

These two are incredibly comfortable with each other, best friends through and through. Their ability to laugh is unparalleled, as are their hearts of gold. During Erin's father's toast (a photographer himself!), he mentioned the first time he met Mike was while visiting Erin at college. Their families both happened to be parking next to one another, and Erin's father couldn't believe to see that Mike was hopping out of the car after it had hardly stopped to open the door for his mother. Who does that anymore? Good first impression, eh? Way to go, Mike!

Their wedding day was a busy one with several locations- church! barn! beach!- and trolley rides. Then we settled into the Warren Center for the evening where heartfelt toasts, jamming tunes and the photo booth kept guests celebrating til late in the night.

How they met, according to Mike:

Summer of 2005. We unfortunately got dragged to summer orientation for college. As luck would have it, we got placed in the same math testing class. After gazing into each other’s eyes, we knew right there…... that… we were going to fail that test.

At the start of freshman year, we bumped into each other in the hallway of freshman dorms. I thought she was a cute girl. I got the courage to ask her on a real date (at Papa Gino’s) and as they say: the rest is history.

And according to Erin:

Summer orientation with thousands of people I did not know. Mikey and I were grouped to be in a math placement test in a room across campus. We ended up walking together, and talking like two strangers would. After the test (that we both didn't pass) we exchanged numbers because that was the cool thing to do. Mike asked to go on a date for pizza one night, where we talked for hours about probably nothing but at the same time everything, and then walked back a mile to our dorms holding hands. 

I’m sure you are familiar with that quote: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s meant to be.” After unexpectedly not dating for a while in college, and my leaving for across the country for a school semester, Mikey called me the first day I was living in California. Absence did make the heart grow fonder; we talked frequently and when I came back from student-exchange program, we starting dating again right away. This time it was for the long haul and I cannot picture myself going through life with anyone but this truly special person. We are meant to be.

photographers: Emilie and Megan, emilie inc. photographyphoto booth: Dana, Maine Snapshot Studio via emilie inc. • ceremony: St. Theresa Parish, Sherborn, MA • reception, caterer: Warren Conference Center, Ashland, MA • florist: Michele Bernard Flowersband: Groove Authoritycake: CocBeni Confectionsmake-up: Renee LeBlanc, The True Youhair: Lena Hartford: Hair That Movestrolley: Le Limogown: Casablanca at In Whitegirls: Alfred Angelo • guys: Men's Warehouse • honeymoon: Aruba

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