Greek wedding of Mallory and Peter at the Colony Hotel


A lot of energy and heart went into Mallory and Peter's wedding day. Mallory said she started planning after their engagement a little over a year ago but her brother claims her plans have been in the works since she was little. I was very impressed with how much each detail was thought out- and how much Mallory made by hand! The wedding invitations which she designed herself were particularly stunning. Equally impressive was Mallory's wedding dress which was brought in 10 sizes (can you imagine?!) to fit her slender frame. It was adorned with custom beading.

Mallory's Greek heritage was well represented throughout the day. The ceremony took place at St. Demetrios Greek Church in Saco. It was my first time at this church and I loved it. Beautiful light streamed in through the windows and the interior--both walls and ceiling--were covered in gorgeous paintings. Later on during the reception, the group pumped up the Greek music and everyone took to the dance floor. It was quite the scene with everyone joining hands and elatedly dancing in circles, tossing money at the newlyweds. I was particularly taken with Mallory's grandmother who ended up in the middle of it all with a huge smile across her face. Later in the evening, guests enjoyed an array of delectable Greek pastries (side-by-side with Maine whoopie pies, of course!) from the dessert table.

Mallory and Peter- it was such a treat! I hope you are having an amazing time in France!

How they met, according to Mallory:

Peter and I both went to Temple University but met after we graduated. We both had wonderful schedules at the time; he was half way through his final year of med school and his work load had really let up. I had recently gotten a position at a prominent auction house and was enjoying my first grownup-full-benefits-9 to 5. We connected over a shared interest in author Bill Bryson and Jose Garces restaurants. Our first date was at a wonderful Spanish restaurant and despite the delicious sangrias, we were both terribly nervous the whole time; I was so nervous I wouldn’t stop talking and Peter was so nervous he barely said two words!

This was right before Christmas and I left Philly to go up to Massachusetts for a week and a half and we said we would reconnect when I got back. We ended up texting each other almost every day I was away and by the time I got back we couldn’t wait to go on our next date. By the end of January, Peter asked if we could be exclusive, and by April we were in love. Everything about Peter made me calm and at ease from our first date. He’s always had this way about him that just makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. I think I was this creative curious creature to Peter with a background in architecture and interest in antiques.

The early days were filled with grilling out on his patio, roaming around Philadelphia, and huddling over my laptop watching tv in my hot little apartment with no AC. Soon Peter was helping me hunt for houses in my ambition to flip a property in an up and coming neighborhood. By the time I closed on the house in August, we were spending more days together than apart and Peter was fully immersed in his first year of residency at Temple Hospital.

Now we are two busy bees; Peter with his residency and I as an intern architect. There always seems to be a million things to do on the house and the wedding had taken on a life of its own. We don’t know where the road will lead us in Peter’s journey to becoming an oncologist and what my knowledge of architecture and the decorative arts will manifest itself into, but we know that we make each other very happy, that the last two and a half years have been absolutely wonderful, and that we can’t wait to spend a whole lifetime together.

photographer: Megan, emilie inc. photographyceremony: St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Saco, Maine • reception, caterer, cake: Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport • flowers: Fleurantmusic: Night Rhythmmake-up: Joanne McDonough, Joya Beautytransportation: Maine Limousine Servicegown: Alvina Valenta • invitations: designed by Mallory • honeymoon: Nice, France

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