mountaintop family portrait in Ossipee, New Hampshire


When Stephanie mentioned that I would travel up a steep driveway to their home in the mountains, she wasn't kidding.  I felt nearly vertical in my car as I climbed up the steep grade.  But once I reached the top, I saw exactly why this family escapes to this spot.  The views from their perch are just breathtaking.  You can look out from either the front yard or the patio area to layers of mountains, stacked one in front of the other in a blue swath.

I was greeted by Stephanie and her two daughters who were romping around the yard with pup, Karoo, as they waited for their dad to arrive home from work.  I had such a lovely time running around the yard with them, just trying to keep up with whatever whim the girls had, whether it be tip toeing along the stone wall or sneaking up on dad. 

What a special place this family has to spend time together enjoying nature and the supreme quiet of their mountain house.  Well, as quiet as it gets with two curious little girls exploring every nook and cranny ;)


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