On the Marsh and St. Ann's Church wedding of Shawna and Chip in Kennebunkport


The thing that I remembered most about my first conversation with Shawna and Chip was...well food.  We talked for almost an hour over the winter about their nuptials, but the majority of that time was spent discussing the amazing dinner they hoped to treat their guests to.  They were able to devise a custom menu, inspired by Costa Rica (where they met) and their shared love of Maine.  The dining room looked truly elegant with tall floral centerpieces and candles, the perfect backdrop for all the delicious-ness to come.  Guests nibbled on antipasto, twice baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, I could go on.

Judging by the looks on their faces, I think Shawna and Chip saw that all they had planned truly came to fruition.  They had ear-to-ear smiles whenever I looked their way.

Another personal touch was the dessert bar these two created.  They had an adorable cake (complete with lobster bride and groom!) and a whole assortment of desserts featuring family recipes.  Tiramisu, pizzelles, and mini whoopie pies where just some of the treats to sample.

Clearly the food was fabulous.  But the entire day was centered on the connection between these two and the love they have for their family and friends.  It was one of those weddings where I know it is a treat to be a guest, and I think that's exactly what this bride and groom were going for.

Shawna and Chip, I hope Italy was amazing (how could it not be??) and you better have had a cappuccino and some gelato for me!

How they met, in their own words:

Our story begins in Costa Rica in January 2013. As an AP environmental science teacher, Chip was bringing a group of students to Costa Rica for a high school leadership summit in April. Shawna was helping with the public relations surrounding the summit, and we had four days of orientation for teachers and staff in January.

It was a hot day and we were about to embark on a two-hour bus ride into the rain forest. Shawna asked if any of the teachers would like a bottle of water, and Chip eagerly raised his hand. Shawna tried to get him one, but the bus had to leave. She explained to Chip that she couldn’t get him a new bottle of water, but asked if he would like to share hers. He said sure.

And the rest is history... After sharing that bottle of water and talking non-stop for the two-hour bus ride, we spent the weekend exploring the rain forest, zip-lining through the trees, drinking Imperial and dancing to Foot Loose. By the time we had to say goodbye on Monday morning, we vowed to give our relationship a shot – both knowing that we had met a very special person.

Chip immediately booked a flight to Boston, and we went back and forth between Boston and DC for six months. When it came time to look for a summer teaching job, Chip landed a position at Harvard Summer School and we knew it was our best chance to be in the same city together. Despite getting the stomach flu during our first road trip from DC to Boston (isn’t that some de facto relationship requirement?), we spent the summer picnicking on the Charles River, eating lobsters and oysters at the beach, playing in a kickball league, and discovering our shared love for Kennebunkport, Maine.

In the fall, we got lucky again when Chip was offered a science position at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Even though we were breaking our “rule” to not move in together before marriage, we rebelled and Chip moved in to Shawna’s TINY Beacon Hill apartment (seriously it’s the size of a closet).

photographers: Denise and Megan, emilie inc. photographypreparations: Breakwater Inn, Kennebunkport • coordinator: Jenny McClain, Boston • ceremony: St Ann's Episcopal Church, Kennebunkport • reception, caterer: On the Marsh Bistro, Kennebunk • flowers: Snell Family Farmsband: Soul Sensationscake: The Winey Baker • hair/make-up: Fringe Hair Arttransportation: Ogunquit Trolleygown: Bella Sera Bridal at Allure Bridalgals: J Crew • guys: Vera Wang • invitations: Paper Source and DayTrip Societyhoneymoon: Amalfi Coast, Italy

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