Hazel at (almost) 6 months


It's September. The prettiest month in Maine (I think), but also the most busy. I was itching for a follow-up session with this little lady (she's clearly changed so much since her newborn days!), and her sweet parents offered to come to me so I wouldn't have to make the drive to NH. Amazing. It was both a wonderful excuse to clean my house, but also catch-up with this favorite trio. Going in, I knew I wanted to make images that would capture Hazel at this darling age, but also provide a generic background. It was a tough, but fun, challenge! Editing through the images I joked that they were images I want of my own little family. Maybe I'm on to something! My favorite childhood photographer used to work out of his house, rotating through poses around his property. I don't think I can keep my bedroom that clean for very long, tho!

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