Thompson Lake wedding of Kari and Nick in Poland, Maine

by Anonymous

Agassiz Village Camp is nestled in the woods along Thompson Lake in Poland, Maine.  It is an overnight kids camp, and its mission is to "prepare youth for life's journey."  Kari and Nick's life journey started their freshman year in college.  The road had some bumps, twists, and turns, but almost 12 years later, it landed them at Agassiz where they began the next chapter of their journey together as a married couple. 

Nick's parents live in the area, so he and Kari decided it would be the perfect rustic location to wed (they even opted to donate to the camp, in lieu of guest gifts).  After getting half-way ready at their apartment in Portland, I followed Kari and the girls in the limo up to Poland.  The camp health center building doubled as the changing room for the ladies.  Before the dresses were donned, however, maid of honor, Liz lead a quiet circle of meditation -- a moment for them to just sit, breathe, and soak in the moment together.

About 140 friends and family from all over gathered to witness their marriage ceremony and dance the night away.  The celebration was filled with loving toasts (riddled with bits of comic relief!), beautiful sunshine, lots of happy hugs, big smiles, and a lively dance crowd.  Most importantly, it was filled with the love and commitment that Kari and Nick made to each other.  The winding path their lives took was all meant to be, bringing them together for that moment.  They've already experienced a ton of growth and adventure together during those formative years.  Now married, I'm certain life will keep their journey filled with excitement. 

Congratulations, Kari and Nick!  So happy for you two!  Thanks for allowing me to document your big day!

How they met, in their own words:

we met our first year in college. we dated for maybe 6 months before amicably ending the relationship. we stayed in touch and remained friends for a while but kari transferred to another college and eventually we lost track of one another. After college Nick moved to LA to pursue acting as did one of kari's closest friends. eight years later, when kari went to visit her friend, her friend insisted she see nick again. her friend was always fond of their prior relationship, albeit short lived. interestingly, nick was set to go on a blind date the evening kari called. nick canceled his blind date and kari and nick met for dinner and drinks. and there began their love story. we say all the time that we didn't "get back together"; rather, we "remet" because we were different, better versions of ourselves. we spent one year emptying our bank accounts to fly across the country to visit one another. finally, in december of that year, Nick moved to join kari on the east coast.

photographer: Whitney, emilie inc. photographyvenue: Agassiz Village Camp, Poland, Maine • officiant: Marion Klaxton • caterer: Lakes Region Caterers

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