a day in our life 2014


For the second year, we recently turned the cameras on ourselves and photographed our own lives on one random Tuesday from sun-up to lights out. A lot has changed since last year and yet much remains the same. We have a new office. The kids have grown. Denise has another horse (and chickens!) at her house. Megan moved to New York (again).

We thrive capturing the biggest days of people's lives, so why not capture just an ordinary day, too? A lot of this isn't pretty and is maybe even boring. But it's important. And will become evenmoreso as the years pass.

Snuggle up with a coffee, crank the tunes from Song Freedom and enjoy a peek into emilie inc.

www.emilieinc.net/emditl2014/ www.emilieinc.net/deniseditl2014/ www.emilieinc.net/whitditl2014/ www.emilieinc.net/meganditl2014/ www.emilieinc.net/lindsayditl2014/

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