East End Beach fall family portrait in Portland


I first photographed this family when Sela was a baby and sweet parents Susan and Chris doted lovingly over their daughter. Then along came little brother William, who I had the pleasure of meeting when he, too, was a baby. We convened for another session when both were a bit older, and mobile, and raced around a favorite park near Portsmouth. This year they came to my favorite park in Portland for pictures at the East End Beach. Different location, but the racing around was the same. It felt so familiar to be calling "William, be careful on the dock!" "William, please wait for me!" lol. Little boys are busy!

Photographing families is like a mirror experience for me to my own life, and I find myself taking the pictures I would want of my own family. That silhouette? Oh, I'd make it a canvas and put it over my couch! Some of those expressions and subtle interactions, the chipped nail polish and embroidered denim coat, oh goodness, how I wish we could freeze time! Photographs are how we will remember this age, those haircuts, those little hands, the love. I'm so so grateful to be given the chance to capture it and commend parents for making portrait sessions an annual priority.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I don't know how you do it but you always manage to capture their souls...


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