Halloween 2014


After a week of keeping the kids home from school fighting icky illness ('tis the season?!), we headed out to participate in our first official family Halloween. Our road doesn't have trick-or-treating (I know) so we drove three miles down the Foreside to join the neighborhood parade we've been hearing about since we moved to this area. Will and Clara, dressed as a ghost and a cow (their choices, thank you etsy!), cautiously spied their costumed counterparts at the beginning noting their favorites (a horse, a grown-up Elmo, a taco dog). As we rolled along, both shed any shyness and eagerly jumped into the door-knocking mix. Clara learned the word 'candy.' The sky turned pink. We spied the ocean in between houses. We took a family selfie. My heart was so happy.

A few snaps...

Etsy shops:
cow hat: IraRottcow top and bloomers: Peapodrayfriendly ghost costume and hat: AlannaMichelle

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