one morning in Maine on Spectacle Island


Four years ago, Jaime and AJ were planning to get married on their private island off the coast of Bar Harbor, Spectacle Island. A coastal hurricane had other plans and they were forced to move everything to the main land the week of. They have since built a farm in New Hampshire and had a beautiful baby girl. Still curious about this 5 acre enclave, we were finally able to align our calendars and recently planned a mid-week overnight before they close up for the season. Some last minute juggling of plans, nap times and being on the clock to get back to Portland for school pick-up left us with about an hour to explore their property and have a quick catch-up. It was a glorious morning in Maine and meant the world to see these two as parents and with their pups, too. The property was every bit as breathtaking as I had imagined, and we daydreamed for a bit about a vow renewal, staff retreat or annual photos to document their little lady growing up on the same island as AJ did as a child. I definitely need to get back there.

Thank you, guys, for being such kind hosts and for the stunning cruise to Spectacle on Frenchman Bay! xo

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