sweetest little morning wedding of Grace and Scott at the Fruitlands Museum


If I were to ever name a groupie or crown emilie inc's biggest fan, I have high hopes it would be a contested battle. But the truth is that no one holds a candle to Grace. The daughter of my mother's longtime coworker, Grace and I didn't actually meet until her wedding day but have had a years long virtual friendship. Back in the day when people commented on blogs or replied to newsletters, Grace would be the first to do so. She'd email me cool wedding or photography or small business links she would come across. She'd gush to her mom about how she dreamed of having me photograph her wedding one day, which of course would pass through the grapevine at the office until those lovely thoughts would land on my ears. We just needed the guy and our dream wedding would be complete.

Enter Scott. Watching their relationship grow via social media, I was hopeful and beamed when mom confirmed happy reports from her inside source. She was engaged on a Thursday in March, and by Sunday our emails were going fast and furious between us with lots of exclamation points. Yes!!! I assured her no matter where and when, I'd be there. It was a matter of weeks before they nailed down their date and place, a Friday morning at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts.

I arrived early to meet Grace and her mom, sister and sister-in-law. This would be a special day, and was a beautiful fall one at that, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't held up in any possible city traffic making my way down from Maine. I was about to hit post on some ridiculously sentimental Facebook status for the day when Grace pulled up beside me in her car, mouth open and hands in the air. I could not wait to hug this human. Her mother cried, she later told me.

Mid-way through hair and make-up, Grace announced that her favorite part of the morning so far was my giggles. I mean, come on.

The venue was a quick 10 minute drive through one of the most serene off-the-beaten-path autumnal dreamscapes, which dead-ended at an expansive foliage-for-days overlook. How had I never visited this vista before? It was breathtaking.

Grace assembled beside an oak tree for a hidden meeting with Scott pre-ceremony. Back to trunk they held hands, swapped cards, teared up, and took a moment to themselves that I was honored to be a part of. As Scott turned toward the ceremony location, Grace retreated to a field, eyes still closed, and twirled. Because why not?

Their ceremony was intimate, just 14 guests and officiated by two of their favorite coaches. It was also chilly, so borrowed afghans kept guests cozy as vows were exchanged, rings were passed to receive blessings from all, and these two lovebirds laughed and looked and listened. After being pronounced Mr and Mrs, a dance party to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" erupted, complete with neon sunglasses and an enthusiastic group portrait by a nearby angel fountain (fitting if you know this family).

Everyone retreated inside for some warm cider while Grace and Scott treated me to an up-for-anything walkabout racing through fields, chasing sunlight, climbing trees and stone walls and so on (Grace credits her short dress and flats, tho I believe she's the type who would be that much fun to photograph regardless of attire).

Inside a private room with pretty painted walls, there were tearful toasts, a darling cake, talk of their awesome wooden rings and tabs on the time for a secret appointment Scott had planned for them later that afternoon (I still have to hear about that!). Grace had an open seat next to her for me. Me! I sat next to the BRIDE with her wonderful mother on my other side! It was almost too much for me to take in.

After some of the most yummy food I've ever had, we all went outside for an official unofficial decorating of the car and hugs good-bye, each embrace electric with emotion and so much love.

I don't usually write this much in my wedding recaps. And I certainly don't mean to offer any offense to any other couple; despite how this post began I do love you all collectively and hope you love me back, too (lovefest please!). But with a wedding this long in the making, a detailed explanation was necessary. And entertaining, right? I wish for everyone that they take to heart the thoughtful personalization that Grace and Scott bestowed upon their celebration, void of Pinterest-heavy regurgitating or what's on-trend. They didn't opt for the things they "should do," they did what they wanted to and enjoyed every last inch. It put my heart in overdrive to capture it.

With that said, congratulations dear Grace and lucky Scott. Please move to Portland, won't you? xoxo

How they met, in their own words:

In 2011 Grace started teaching yoga at the dojo where Scott was studying karate. Scott has a passion for Eastern physical arts and philosophy (and he thought she was cute), so he began attending her yoga classes regularly. Scott eventually offered to give Grace rides home in his Jeep so she wouldn’t have to walk in the dark to the subway station. A deep rooted friendship blossomed during those rides, where Grace often wished the drive to her apartment was longer because she didn't want their conversations to end. Grace began a low-sugar nutrition program at that time, and despite Scott's sweet tooth, he jumped at the chance to join her in this endeavor in order to get to know her better. They would text each other photos of the snacks and treats that they were NOT indulging in, and even though it may sound silly, that's how the mutually supportive groundwork for their relationship began. They eventually started exploring New England together with fun day trips and haven't stopped adventuring together since!


photographer: Emilie, emilie inc. photographypreparations: Friendly Crossways Retreat Center, Harvard, MA • venue, catering: Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA • flowers: Doris Lindgren, All-ways Flowerscake: Mayflour Confectionshair: Amanda, Headquarters Hair Salon, Ayer • dress: Macy's • honeymoon: Portland, OR

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