Portland and Buxton, Maine wedding of Whitney and Luke at Flanagan Farm


I still kind of can't believe this was my last wedding to photograph of 2014.  It snuck up on me after a busy season, and the night before it started to hit me.  I felt lucky that this was a local affair with a bride who loves (and is from) Portland and would end just down the road from me at the beautiful Flanagan Farm.  But I'll admit, I was a wee bit nervous about photographing Luke, because Whitney had told me "He isn't into pictures".

We started at the Westin and the gorgeous Whitney sat happily to have her makeup done saying at one point, that more was better!  I watched as her dad sipped a mimosa and took in all the hubbub, obviously soaking in the little moments that were already happening.  Whitney's poor sister, Abbey, was feeling pretty sick but rallied enough sit close by and offer advice and support, nibbling on a bagel.

Soon it was time to scoot down to the boys' room and document their preparations.  I knocked on the door and when it opened, Luke looked at me and my cameras and just said "Whoa".  Not a great way to start!  But I truly did appreciate his honesty as he told me why he wasn't so excited about pictures.  I gathered that he had been asked to pose a lot during his best man's wedding and they just wanted to hang out, as guys usually do.  I get that. I told him he didn't need to pose at all and that we were going to be friends.

After a lovely ceremony in town, we hopped around Portland to the Custom House and City Hall for portraits.  And I must say, Luke was kind of a dream groom.  I was shocked at how easily he snuggled up to his new wife as we shot away.  These two obviously adore each other, and they let it show. What more could I ask for really?

Flanagan Farm looked breathtaking, with metallic accents and framed pieces scattered everywhere, it had the touch of New York (Luke is a city boy) dropped into a rustic Maine atmosphere.  Guests were treated to delicious food, heartfelt toasts, and lively dancing.  I loved seeing Whitney and Luke always circling back to each other after chatting with guests or hitting the dance floor.

What a lovely way to end the season! Thank you Whitney and Luke for having me, and I think it's safe to say we all did end up being friends ;)

How they met, in their own words:

We met two years ago at work. Luke worked from the NYC office and Whitney worked from the Boston office, so although we knew of each other - we had never met in person until a summer party/company outing. When we started dating, we weren't sure how our coworkers/HR would react to the news, so we dated "secretly" for 4-5 months. But the truth is, we both knew the relationship was special and might be the one quite quickly! And much to our delight when we did start sharing our news, everyone was thrilled and thought it was the greatest thing ever! (Phew) Whitney ended up moving from Boston to NYC to live with Luke - we spent one year there before getting engaged in October of 2013 and (just recently) moving outside of Rochester NY.

photographers: Denise and Whitney, emilie inc. photographypreparations: Westin Portland Harborview Hotelceremony: Sacred Heart Churchreception: The Barn at Flanagan Farmcaterer: Kitchen Chicksflowers: Heather Caron Floral Designdj: DJ Dan, Northeast Eventscake: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrottmake-up: Michael Wormwood • hair: Head Games Salontent: Leavitt and Parrislighting: The Event Light Pros • transportation: Custom Coach and Maine Limogown: Maggie Sottero at Andrea's Bridalgals: Jenny Yoo • guys: Banana Republic • invitations: Parrott Design Studio

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