sisters at Town Landing


Joanna emailed saying she'd been trying to get a decent holiday card photo of her daughters for days, please help. I hear ya, mama! My own children offer me about 2.6 seconds of cuteness and it's the most highly anticipated and stressed few moments of the year. Happy to lend a hand, I met them at Falmouth Town Landing one afternoon for 15 minutes. I'm liking these mini sessions!! Such fun and a great challenge to think and work quickly. Plus it's nearly exactly the attention span of a toddler.

I photographed Joanna and Joel's wedding back in 2008 (what?!) and love that we have stayed friendly through the years thanks much in part to our children who attend the same school. Could these girls be any cuter? Adore these playful portraits and, I'm not sure, Joanna, but now I think you might have the opposite problem picking a holiday card image! xo

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