12 steps to preserving (and enjoying!) your personal photos


Hello and Happy 2015!! If you're anything like me, you've been feeling a primitive need to purge since we bid 2014 adieu. The day after Christmas our tree was out the door and I was on the floor in each of our closets, in cabinets, drawers and bookshelves assessing what we should toss, keep, sell or donate. I likened it on my Facebook status to the middle of the night pregnancy insomnia nesting I suffered both times (speaking of, Happy 4th Birthday today to our sweet William!). Where does this come from? And why do I feel it annually after the holidays and not during the more typical "spring cleaning" time of year?

I'm calling it an extension of the typical New Year's resolution fitness phenomenon (which I gladly joined this year pre-holidays, and according to this picture from a Monday night "The Bachelor" premiere party with some photographer friends, I'd say my work with a personal trainer is already showing some results. Sweet!). People crave starting anew; I just happen to feel massive gratification from organization.

In addition to my home and health, these urges have fortunately even taken ahold of my own family photos. During a recent sweep of some old boxes in our basement looking for some printed photographs circa 2003-2009, I came up empty. EMPTY! The height of the personal digital point and shoot camera age (ie: Nikon Coolpix ring a bell?), I can honestly say I have no record of what I did in that time if I wasn't lugging around my pro camera. Where did all those images go? A .mac gallery that no longer exists? A computer harddrive three operating systems ago? Never printed?! Yikes!

Thankfully I've done a more decent job of documenting our lives since becoming a mom. And the recent basement scare pushed me into quick action to get on top of securing their longevity and accessibility (confession: I haven't made any prints since Will was in his first year! Clara points to the newborn images of Will around our house and says "me!" and we now just agree). How ironic that I'm more careful with preserving and showcasing my clients' images than my own (hello, cobbler)!

Over the next 12 months I am going to share how to organize, store, back-up, print, share, produce and enjoy beautiful products with your images- personal, wedding or otherwise, in my monthly newsletter. I promise it will be helpful, easy and not annoying (anyone else feel like you unsubscribe from an unwanted newsletter or two each day?! What gives!). I am going to participate, too, and share my progress as we go.

Your first homework task? No, no, don't attempt the basement box hunt just yet. Just sign up for our newsletter here. You can expect your first email to arrive next week.

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