Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sale in Portland


Do you know about the charity Brides Against Breast Cancer? Oh! It's a lovely organization that receives gently worn wedding dresses and travels around the country selling them to raise money for breast cancer! As you know, breast cancer is a cause near and dear to our own emilie inc. hearts (a portion of all wedding fees are donated to Pink Initiative). I donated a wedding dress or two to BABC in the past so was very excited when I learned they would be making a stop in Portland at the Westin Portland Harborview hotel.

I signed up to be the exclusive photographer in their vendor showcase, aka, mini bridal show, under one condition: that I could photograph the event. We brought along our photo booth and a few albums to display, chatted with brides (folks flew from all over the country to attend!) and then got straight to work. 

Girls were allowed to snag four dresses at a time. They made their selection from the racks and racks on display in the ballroom, and then waited in line to try them on up in the balcony. Moms, sisters, grandmas, and friends perched on chairs outside the mobile fitting rooms offering support, sideways glances and happy tears when "the one" was found. Over and over, for nearly five hours. I loved it.

A bell announced when a bride had selected her dress, followed by a quick interview for all to hear by the Weddings DJs of Maine (the stories of how these girls met their fiances? Good stuff!), a mini makeover with Amanda's Trademark Salon and Spa and a portrait with moi.

A little sampling of the day is below. If you were at the event, you're welcome to peruse the gallery of images from the day and photo booth by clicking here.

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