Twin time in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Julia and Dave back in 2012 at Laudholm Farm in Wells.  Since then these two have become parents to twins Whit and Ellie, who are now 8 months old. As a twin myself, I was delighted to go down for a visit to document these two bundles of cuteness in Jamaica Plain.

Whit was camera ready from the moment I began, looking right into the lens and hamming it up as I clicked away.  Ellie was a little more cautious, not entirely sure what this stranger was doing in her house.  After a while they both went back to focusing on mom and dad, bottles, snacks, and toys, as babies will do.

Noli, their German Shorthaired Pointer, watched over the scene and was amazingly gentle with her new family members.  She especially appreciated them during lunch, sneaking licks right across their faces as they dribbled out more food than made it into their mouths.  No need for sweeping or mopping up the floor in this house!

Julia and Dave, thanks so much for having me down to visit! Twins rule ;)

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