Day in the Life: Torrieri Family


I still had marks on my face from my sheets when I rolled up just before 6a. I crept about the property capturing the spring blossoms and drawn curtains before uncovering the hidden key and letting myself inside. As I was getting settled, footsteps were heard overhead and soon Louis greeted me before going about his morning routine: coffee, dishes, breakfast. Wife Meghan (and superhero wedding planner) joined a little while later. Then their three boys. I captured their meals, their play time, their rest time, their beach time, their lovely times and their messy times. I photographed for 14 hours straight. My eyes stung and my head ached by day's end. But my heart was beating out of my chest all day long. This was it! The real stuff! The daily goodness that happens over and over, our routine, that people rarely realize is so much more beautiful than matching outfits and perfect light on a beach at sunset. That certainly has it's place, too, but this, this!, is what I what I would love to remember of my own little life. It's important. And needed. Thank you Meghan, Louis and your trio of boundless love for welcoming me into your home, your hearts, and "ignoring me" so I could do my thing and document you all.

Below, some favorites from the set of nearly 800. Thinking you might like to do a similar session with your crew? Let us know! We'll also share feedback from the family with a Q&A later this week.

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