Mother's Day portraits at Birth Roots


The ever-so-kind team at Birth Roots Perinatal Resource Center in Portland invited us back with our photo booth to snap photos of moms with their children and families. Following the popularity of the #momishere movement, I decided I wanted to take this one step further, keeping the backdrop and removing the photo booth to take more memorable (I hope!) portraits instead. Without the lag of the remote or fear of the flash not firing at precisely the perfect expression, I had total creative flexibility to capture 60 families in 3 hours. Yup, 60 families. It was a mini mini session marathon, with families cycling in front of the lens and then back inside for wine, kiddie snacks and catch-ups as a part of First Friday Art Walk.

People thought I was a wee nuts to be doing this, but I LOVED it. Naturally I wished I could have had more time with everyone, but it was an incredible challenge. And an emotional one, too! I photographed first time moms, expectant moms, multi-generations, some of our brides and grooms, and many familiar faces from last year's event- including one darling couple who recreated the same pose with their baby as they did last year when they were pregnant. Meeting and helping families with little ones get situated and comfortable in front of the camera, all while seeking a great portrait and the right moments in two minutes or less was a total adrenaline rush, one of my most favorite projects yet.

Below are some of the 400+ pictures from the final collection. Enjoy these, beautiful mamas, and Happy Mother's Day to all!! xoxoxo

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