Hindu-inspired wedding of Nora and Mayur at Spruce Point Inn


This wedding was such a fun mix of different, yet cohesive elements that kept my photographer's eye intrigued all day long!

First of all, when I met with this couple initially, little baby Ivy was still in her mama's belly.  I was so very excited to meet her on the big day and she was just a joy.  She looked at me all day with these long brown lashes that go on for days and I was smitten.  Her partner in crime, pup Zoe, was as sweet as I remembered (she came to the office too and made herself at home) and I loved seeing her be a part of the day as well.

When I saw the bright oranges, reds, and yellows decorating the outdoor space at the Inn, I just knew this wedding was going to be a treat to shoot.  Also, Mayur's name means peacock in Hindi, so I noticed these birds adorning everything from the henna on Nora's hands to the centerpieces on the tables.

One of the most exciting moments of the day for me was when Mayur arrived by boat to the Inn.  All, and I mean all, of the guests walked down to meet him at the top of the dock, accompanied by bongo drums, a guitar, noisemakers, a host of other instruments.  He arrived wearing an amazing, custom made, saffron-colored suit and white fedora with a peacock feather! There was so much excited, loving energy as he danced his way up from the water and all the way to the ceremony site with his loved ones behind him.  It was a moment to remember and I just adored seeing the groom celebrated this way on a day where brides are often the center of attention.

There was more celebrating as the day went on, including some serious dancing with an American flag, since it was the Fourth of July after all.  I think Nora did the most move busting out of anyone in attendance, all in her (also) custom made dress she had created from Indian fabric she found in New York. At one point she was cutting a rug, wrapped in an American flag, with that dress, her henna'd hands, and a bindi on her forehead and I smiled at how these two managed to combine so many elements into one harmonious celebration.

Nora and Mayur (and Ivy and Zoe!) thank you SO much for having me be a part of your amazing day!

How they met, in Nora's words:

We met at a supper club in Brooklyn in 2008 and hit if off immediately - but then Mayur's date showed up! So we were 'just friends' until Jan. 2009 when we started dating and quickly fell in love. We weren't engaged when we went to Spruce Point Inn for a short vacation in Sept. 2012 but we were already talking about what our wedding would be like (we LOVE throwing parties). As soon as we drove onto the grounds, I said, "This is where I want to get married" and Mayur said (triumphantly), "I knew it!" The next evening, Mayur got down on one knee as we watched the sunset from our room and asked, "Nora, will you marry me here?" "Yes, I will marry you here." The very next day we met with the wedding sales rep and started planning our wedding for July 4, 2015. It was such a long ways a way that we thought, hmmm, we could maybe have a baby before that.... And we did. :)
  photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photographyvenue, caterer, make-up: Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor • officiant, music, hair: friends • groom: Oscar Udeshi, London • invitations: Jane Ehinger, Paper Presentation • photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio

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