celebrating Natasha & Heather on Peaks Island, day 1


It's a 15 minute ferry ride to Peaks Island, but stepping off that boat feels like you've landed somewhere far, far away. The energy, the lifestyle, the scenery – it's a throwback to vacation communities long ago where people don't lock doors, there are more golf carts than cars, and kids travel en masse from beach to beach on bikes. I arrived early to take in some of that island awesomeness, and checked into my accommodations for the weekend: my first Airbnb experience staying at the house of a woman who runs an umbrella cover museum. Let that sink in for a second. See? Peaks Island sorta rules. I can understand why our Whitney loved living there for so many years!

Later, I met up with the incredible Heather and Natasha as their friends and family boarded Portland Discovery's Islander for a sunset tour around Casco Bay. These two women live locally to Maine and wanted to treat their guests to an alternative rehearsal dinner. We feasted on lobster rolls and whoopie pies, embraced Heather as she presented her family with a star dedication to her late father – that very day the anniversary of his passing – and watched the sun's setting paint the sky blue to orange to pink. Back on shore, everyone released lanterns and made a wish. As Heather rubbed Tasha's adorable expectant belly, it's safe to say I'm sure we we all hoped for the same sentiment for this amazing couple and soon-to-be family.

A few favorites from Friday night. Saturday and Sunday to come!

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