nana's 90th


Our entire family will gather later today for an end-of-summer bbq and birthday party, as we usually do, to celebrate my Nana who turns 90 (!) today. We're toasting at a very special place, Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where she has called home each summer since she was a child (and then continued the tradition with her own children and so on). I was lucky to spend several of my early childhood summers at "the lake" and can't put into words what it means to watch my children make their own memories here.

Last August, we enlisted the help of the very talented Meg and Dave to capture what I can't in photographs with moving pictures and sound. I let my Nana and father know they would likely be asked a few questions. I didn't fuss about what the kids would be wearing. And when the weather wasn't ideal, I didn't stress. I was glad for Meg and Dave to capture the imperfection that is this perfect place. It hasn't changed much over the years, and I wanted them to freeze time so we could all remember it in the years to come. Mission accomplished.

If you have a few minutes and would like to catch a glimpse into a personal part of my world, please request the password. Welcome to life on the lake. And happy 90th, Nana. We love you.
The Lake House 2014 from emilie inc. on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    This is amazing! You have such a beautiful family. I can see where you get some of your humbleness and greatness from. I dream to pass down a legacy sorta like this to my child(ren) and grandchildren someday.


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