Alison and Will's September wedding at the Inn on Peaks

by Anonymous

Alison’s father Dick was so emotional he couldn’t finish his toast for his daughter and new son-in-law Will.  He cried at his oldest daughter Megan’s wedding eight years ago, but joked about aging as being the culprit for the waterfall of tears this time around.   Alison’s mother Jean stepped in to help her husband by reading the rest of his heartfelt toast for him.  It was that kind of day from the start.  The moment Alison, all dressed in white, saw her father for the first time she lost it.  When Will saw Alison walk down the aisle, his eyes filled with tears, though I think he managed to keep them from overflowing too much.  I know I saw Will’s sister Jane wipe the corner of her eye during the ceremony.  Megan’s toast also conjured up some emotions for everyone.  The tears were tangible drops of joy for a couple who were meant for each other.  On their wedding day, I could see the ease and happiness between Alison and Will.  The whole night I would look for one of them to photograph and would usually find the other right nearby.  They clearly bring a comfort to one another that is enviable.

The entire wedding day had a comforting feeling about it.  Jayson and his team at the Inn on Peaks worked their usual magic for the celebration.  Broadturn Farm installed the most gorgeous flower arrangements, including a cascading hanging centerpiece over the head table.  Everything from the cakes and desserts, the event lighting, Alison’s hair and makeup, the invites — it was all beautiful.  Sarah Goodwin, owner and chief merrymaker of Daisies and Pearls, tended to every creative detail, helping to pull it all together.  And that band — well, they were legit.  Really, they hail from Boston and their name is Legit.  They jammed all night, mostly Motown with some popular songs, and kept the dance floor packed!  I could tell everyone had a blast at this wedding!

Congratulations, Alison and Will!  I absolutely loved documenting your wedding day and hope you had a blast in Croatia!

How they met, in their own words:

Alison was born in Westwood, MA, on Wildwood Drive, right around the corner from the house on Mayfair Drive where Will and the O'Neill family would later call home. Alison's family moved to Maine after short stints in Massachusetts, and was raised in Cape Elizabeth where her parents still reside. 

Despite many connections to one another through family and friends in both West Roxbury, MA and Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Alison and Will didn't cross paths until a Halloween night in Charlestown, MA in 2012. They were brought together by mutual friends of Cape Elizabeth - Alison's from high school and Will's from college. The Halloween party took place in the wake of the Kennebunkport Zumba Brothel fiasco, so Will wore his ratty Kennebunkport sweatshirt and borrowed a pair of yoga pants from a much smaller female friend. Less scandalously, Alison attended the party as a Dragon, with sponge triangles hastily stapled to her sweatshirt. After discussing Alison's recent trip to Paris and Will predictably breaking out his French, the two exchanged numbers and made plans to meet up. Their first date was at The Salty Pig in Boston where they shared their love of spreadable meats and cheese. On that date, Will wore a very unbecoming, too-large L.L. Bean Barn coat and stuffed candies in the ample pockets to give to Alison, as it was October 31st. 

Fast forward two years and a day and the couple was celebrating their anniversary, nervously driving up in a storm along Maine's Midcoast on the way to Camden. The weather turned from blowing wind and rain to horizontal slush as Will suggested they drive up Mount Battie to catch a glimpse of Penobscot Bay, a view completely obscured by the elements. As Will pointed to a stone enclosure that would break the torrential gales, he grabbed that old Barn coat, this time stuffed with something different. As they made it to the safety of the stone wall, Will got down on one knee and proposed to Alison. The center stone of the engagement ring was a emerald cut diamond that belonged to Will's grandmother, Rosemary. 

When it came time for the couple to select a locale for their wedding, Alison and Will immediately decided on Maine because so many of the people who brought them together and watched their love grow have roots in Maine. It is only a matter of time before Alison and Will move back to Maine and settle roots of their own.  
  photographer: Whitney, emilie inc. photographyvenue: Inn on Peaks, Peaks Island • flowers: Broadturn Farmband: Legitcake: The Winey Baker beauty: Bei Capellilighting: The Event Light Prosgown: Judd Waddel via Allegria, Belmont, MA • maids: J Crew • invitations: Scotti Cline Designs, Charleston • honeymoon: Croatia

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  1. These two are just the sweetest and the day was perfection! It was a pleasure working with Whitney, as always. Thank you for capturing the day so beautifully!


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