downeast wedding of Sydney and Eli in Sullivan


It was a treat to head up the coast and discover Sydney and Eli's special spot along Mt. Desert Narrows with a view of Acadia National Park in the distance.  A beautiful coastal rental and tent served as the venue for this celebration on what started as a rainy day.  I walked around the property shooting some scene setters with my rain jacket on, hood up.  I crossed my fingers that the clouds would clear, but the forecast was iffy.

I had unknowingly caused Sydney some stress as she saw me bundled up outside, and had thought the rain was letting up.  As she had her hair and makeup done, things seemed to improve, slowly but surely.  The house was full of family and friends, peeking their heads in to say hello or ask an opinion.  This wedding was definitely a group effort, with everyone pitching in to create bouquets, set up the ceremony chairs, or design invitations.

When it was time for Sydney and Eli to have a few minutes alone on the dock before the ceremony, it had truly stopped raining.  The water was perfectly still, with lobster boats quietly sitting reflected on the glassy surface.

After a lovely (rain-free) ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour wandering around the grounds and enjoying the view.  As everyone was invited into the tent, I heard many people remarking on how lovely everything looked and appreciating all the little details.  Sydney's uncle, a professional event planner, was hurrying about making sure the food was ready and looked perfect.

Retrospecticus had everyone dancing before dinner even started, and continued to throughout the night.  With all the work that went into this wedding from family and friends, it was great to watch them all cut loose and enjoy the party.

Sydney and Eli, thank you so much for having me!
  photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photographycoordinator: David Schwartz, Soiree by David • venue: Sealight, Sullivan • officiant: Matt Canfield • flowers: family and friends • tunes: Retrospecticusbeauty: Amy's Salon and Spa, Ellsworth • tent: Wallace Eventstransportation: First Student • gown: Elizabeth Dye from Lovely Bride, NYC • groom: Armani • invitations: Jasmine Fournier, designer/printer; Janet Hill artist

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