rehearsal dinner at the Portland Company Complex


All day rains forced Emily and Zach's outdoor rehearsal indoors in a room adjacent to where their rehearsal dinner would take place at the Portland Company Complex. Led by Emily's uncle, who acted as coordinator (and did a wonderful job!) for the weekend, the group gathered in a small corner to go over logistics. "How fast should we walk?" "What should we do with our hands when we kiss?" Loved it.

Later, we moved next door where a lingering cocktail hour and jazz tunes kicked off the Friday evening festivities. Hello hugs were exchanged and cool drinks poured. Blue Elephant Catering plated a delicious meal on tables adorned with billowy hydrangeas and custom cookies frosted with an illustration of dancing shoes – the stars of this weekend are quite accomplished ballroom dancers. Zachary's father welcomed everyone, wedding party gifts were exchanged, and the ocean view just outside the windows of the brick-lined room slowly went dark. Just a few more hours until the big day...

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