Day in the Life 2015


We're a smaller team and we're working remotely. The kids are ginormous and are picking out their own clothes (or no clothes at all). Clara is potty-trained! Technology has changed. Our mud room is in the middle of a renovation, as are many of the routes we take through town.

This is our third year documenting a Day in the Life of our own lives, and the most enjoyable one so far for me personally. Maybe because Clara doesn't need to be held all the time and is mobile, thus freeing my hands more? Likely also because I went back to an old friend, a 24-70mm zoom lens (I had to rent one from Lens Pro to Go because I sold mine when I moved to mostly primes four or so years ago). The 35mm has been my favorite lens since, but today I felt like a whole new world opened up to have more space in my frame to show. I tried to fill it wisely, but sometimes struggled with its light limitations.

What I didn't mind at all this go around – and reminded me of the boldness I had to harness when working in news – was quickly and confidently telling people what I was doing and why I had a camera in public. Omnipresent cell phone cameras seem to have softened any shock value, people now seeming almost confused to see a professional camera too big to push in my back pocket.

Enjoy this intimate peek at what life is like for me, Whitney and Denise – our Day in the Life 2015. Big thanks to Song Freedom for the music. And please send a group hug to Denise whose dear dog Louise passed a few weeks after this project.

Want to see how things have changed? Go back to check out 2014 here and 2013 here.

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  1. I love all of these! Wild to see how much your kids have grown in the last year emilie! So funny to run into Whitney the other day - watching this after seeing her was so fun! I feel like I just spent the day with you all :)


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