Marit on the move at home and Winslow Park

by Anonymous

A year later and little miss Marit is a ball of energy.  Constantly moving energy!  There was so much moving and running in our session, I actually found myself asking a two year old if she was out of breath like I was.  Of course, her answer was no.  I am clearly out of shape.  Thinking back to last year’s family portrait session, Marit being on the move was actually no different, except now she’s much, much faster!  Same amount of fun though.  Now she’s got a truly evident and vocal personality that affirms her as a strong-willed woman.  Independence reigns in this tiny body, touting a can-do attitude.  Would you like help?  “No,” Marit says, sometimes followed by a, “I can do it myself.”  A woman after my own heart.  Marit donned her Halloween superhero cape, emblazoned with the letter M, like she was born to.  She tested it out at Winslow Park in Freeport, after some bike riding at home in Yarmouth.  We made it back to the house just as the raindrops fell, which meant I got a front row seat to the Rody ride and tutu ballerina performance indoors.  What a renaissance woman!  I can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to next year!

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