fall wedding at Grace Restaurant in Portland

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Seeing familiar faces at weddings happens frequently to me, which I think is due to often photographing friends’ weddings, someone who attended another wedding or was in the wedding party of one I photographed, and then later booked me as the photographer for their own wedding when the time came.  A lot of people come back to Maine to get married, so I might have known them 15 years ago when I used to live and work in downtown Portland.  And Portland is relatively small, so crossing paths with people in strange amazing ways is common.  For that matter, New England is kind of small, so even out-of-state connections happen to me.  I love all the two degrees of separation! 

That said, I’m seeing vaguely familiar wedding guests through my view finder at Rebecca and Doug’s wedding reception at Grace Restaurant.  One in particular is sitting at a table, enjoying conversation, and is the husband of Rebecca’s close friend Allie, who gave a reading at the ceremony and signed the marriage license as a witness.  I tell Rebecca, I know him, but I’m not sure how.  She said they were friends from college, they attended Connecticut College.  Hearing that, my mind conjured up the name Andrew Kerner, which I uttered slowly, literally as my brain was unearthing the name from its depths.  Sure enough, it was Andrew, but Rebecca and I had a moment of disbelief that in all our conversations, attending the same undergrad college never came up.  That’s why there were so many familiar faces!  A good portion of their wedding guests were Camels (yep, that’s the Conn mascot).  I love moments like this!

Of course, it was all those Camels, other friends, and family who made this such a fun fall wedding.  Before their amazing dancing skills were showcased at the reception, I  started with Rebecca and Doug at the new Press Hotel on Exchange Street in Portland, which used to house the Portland Press Herald and a theme for the cool decor.  Rebecca and Doug wanted to enjoy their cocktail hour, so they decided to do all family formals and couple portraits pre-ceremony.  After a quick First Look at the hotel, the three of us headed out to various spots around Portland that were meaningful to them.  Rebecca grew up in South Portland and the two now live in Boston, so this was a homecoming for her.  The Wharf Street photos proved extra entertaining when two groups participating in a pub crawl scavenger hunt stopped the bride and groom as part of their tasks for the game!  Family portraits at City Hall, the ceremony upstairs at Grace, and extended cocktails in the restaurant, all happened before they opened for regular dinner service at 5pm.  From there, the celebration moved downstairs at Grace, Doug welcomed and thanks guests, and sweetly called out his wife’s efforts to plan most of their big day.  Everyone laughed when he jokingly highlighted that his one contribution was cutting the wine corks so they could be used for the escort cards.  Using knife on a small cylindrical item close to one’s fingers is a brave contribution, I’d say!  The Maine Snapshot Studio was a big hit, the food was delicious, and Rebecca was beaming all night.  This was the perfect way to wrap up my 2015 wedding season!

I’m psyched I got to photograph a fellow Camel’s wedding!  Thanks, Rebecca and Doug, for allowing me to do so.  I hope South Africa is a memorable trip of a lifetime, and that I see you next time you’re in Portland!

How they met, in their own words:

We met through work - Doug worked in New York City and Rebecca in Boston for the same company, so we did long distance from Cambridge to Brooklyn for a time before Doug moved up to Boston. Doug proposed over s'mores - meaning that Rebecca can forever eat s'mores and claim her sweet tooth is just her being romantic!
  photographer: Whitney, emilie inc. photographyvenue: Grace Restaurantmusic: Double Platinum Celebrationsphoto booth: Maine Snapshot Studiohair: Aphrodite Salonmakeup: Adore Rougegown: Enzoani Blue Casablanca, Andrea's Bridalgroom: Ralph Lauren, Barney's • invitation: DIY, printed by SWEET Letterpress, Boulder • honeymoon: South Africa

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