maternity session at Bates College in Lewiston


Kung and Nik were in the wedding party for Heather and Natasha's wedding on Peaks Island this summer. Like Heather and Natasha, these two are also expecting this January! We met one gorgeous afternoon for a stroll around the beautiful Bates College campus in Lewiston to capture them as a couple before baby girl arrives and makes them a family. So looking forward to capturing their baby shower and even meeting their little lady in the hospital for a photo session in a few short months! You look radiant, Kung!

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    An amazing couple! We've made so many unforgettable memories with these two! January of 2013 the four of us were on a beach in Phuket, Thailand and it was our first time seeing Thai Lanterns being lit and floating in the night sky. It was amazing! We were supposed to get some that trip but never did (the night before our wedding was actually our first time ever doing them). We also joked about our next trip back would be for one of our weddings (Nik!?). Couple nights later we were on the rooftop of our hotel and saw more lanterns in the sky. We cheers and wished for baby Turcotte to make it's way into our life. We actually postponed our first IUI (November 12') so we could make this trip our "last bang" before being parents. February of 13' was our first attempt and here we are after a long journey expecting in the same month as two of our best friends! Looks like we may be still be sharing some of the same vacations and memories together! Maybe not Thailand, Vegas, A/C or Foxwoods but I can see Disney, Atlantis, cruises and the zoo in our near future!


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